We offer::

– 6-8 van site for caravans or tents with BBQ. Electric hook up near the farm buildings only.

– 2 bathrooms with WC’s and showers adjacent to farm buildings.

– Raised stand for hunting and animal-watching

– Playground for children

It is always advisable to book in advance.


– 1 room for 4 people en-suite

-2 rooms for 3 people en-suite

-1 double rooms en-suite


Book in advance!


Meals by arrangement. Made from our home grown food, also for vegetarians.

IGeneral information:

– nearest swimming pool – 7km

– nearest shop – 2.5km

– nearest cash dispenser – 7km

Other services:

At our farm you can:

– buy our home grown food

We help:

– organize canoe trips on local rivers;



– collect our guests

– teach our guests to milk goats, make cottage cheese

– show good places for bird-watching and taking pictures

– have detailed maps and information about the neighbourhood, our region and Poland.

If we are short of places, we help to find vacancies in the nearest neighbourhood.


Room: 30 – 40 PLZ. per  person

Meals: breakfast/supper 20 PLZ.(packed breakfast packages), dinner 40 PLZ per person ( children under 2 free, children in the age of 2-12  50% discount.)

Campsite: per day

– small tent 12 PLZ  per unit inc. 3 people

– large tent 16 PLZ per unit,

– caravan 20 PLZ per day

– camper 16 PLZ per day

– car 8 PLZ per day

– motorbike 4 PLZ  per day

– daily fee 8 PLZ  per person

– hire of canoes 25 PLZ per day (Canadian 35 PLZ – book in advance).

– transport services  2 PLZ per 1km.

* children under 2 free, children in the age of 2-12  50% discount

* toilets, showers and electricity included in the charges.

* Charges are updated every year as agreed with ECEAT-Polska Association.

* Prices of our home grown food depend on current market prices..

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